The Projection Box
Welcome to the  Steampunk Festival of Films at The Asylum. We have had a great weekend last year,  please see the promo video of the event below... and we think this year will be even better.

We would like to personally thank  The Collection Museum  for housing the mini festival of films and being great hosts. It is a fantastic venue which also houses the steampunk gallery.

Also I would like to welcome to the projection box - JB , he'll be programming this years films and know he'll do a wonderful job!

We will be holding the film award Biennial so will the next one will be in 2015!

If you have made a steampunk inspired short film and would like to submit it to the festival, please go to our submissions page for guidelines(it's still free entry for  filmmakers so email us below and submit your film).  SUBMISSIONS WANTED FOR 2014!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us